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Togs Reuntied - A Sir Terry Wogan Community

6th December, 2005. 2:16 pm.(popsock)

It would appear it really will be Sir Tel after all...


Does anyone know yet who will be appearing on his new show bar the ones stated in the above article?

Current mood: snorkered.

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20th May, 2005. 7:52 am. Kiev comments?(popsock)

It's a bit quiet in here...

For the benefit of those who are in far-flung places with time differences and no Real Player, would anybody mind posting up what Sir Tel is saying about the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest?

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28th January, 2005. 8:12 am. Yay(beingjdc)

Hail the conquering hero.

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26th November, 2004. 7:24 pm.(beingjdc)

Dr Wally wins award

Tribute from Terry:

OK I'm biased - I know his mother Bunty, who's a proud woman today. I've worked with the old geezer for many years. I didn't know him when he wandered Europe with a guitar, long hair and an Afghan coat, but I knew him when he had a beard. I'm sure it was a false beard, which he would put on from time to time to deceive women to whom he had made foolish promises. He wore that beard a lot.

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5th November, 2004. 7:30 am.(beingjdc)

Did Sarah Kennedy just say "b0llocks"?!

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4th November, 2004. 7:42 pm. New one this week(beingjdc)

John Has A Bath

John is in the bath. See the bubbles. Splish splash.

Janet has gone to the shops to buy some salad. Do you like salad? John does.

There's someone at the door. Hear the doorbell. Ding dong. Hear John say some rude words.

Do you know any rude words? John knows lots.

See John run down the stairs, and open the door in his bathrobe. Why do you think John has a door in his bathrobe?

See Mrs. Dicks the postlady at the door.

Hello Mr. Marsh, says Mrs. Dicks

Hello Mrs. Dicks, says John

Mrs Dicks says "I've a parcel for you Mr. Marsh. Is it one of your special video films about people who have lost all their clothes?"

See John blush. "No, it's some organ music I've been waiting for"

Mrs Dicks says "Is that your organ I can see?"

"Yes", says John, "It's a seven-stop, two-manual 1938 Woodestock pipe organ, but I can't use it at the moment as pumping it makes Janet's arm ache"

"I could pump it for you", says Mrs. Dicks. Kind Mrs. Dicks.

"That would be lovely", says John, "but you have to pump quite hard to get it started, as my bellows are rather old and perished".

See Mrs. Dicks pumping. Pump pump pump. John's friend Paul knows a song about that.

Hear John play Bach's Prelude and Fugue in D major. Clever John.

Mrs. Dicks says "That was lovely Mr. Marsh". See John blush again.

See Janet arrive home. "Hello Mrs. Marsh", puffs Mrs. Dicks, "Mr. Marsh was showing me the organ in his bathrobe. He can do some wonderful things with it, even though he is out of practice".

Can you swoop down like a wolf on the fold? Janet can. See Janet get a big green cucumber out of her bag.

Are you sitting comfortably? John isn't.

Poor John.

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21st October, 2004. 4:38 pm. The original and the best!(beingjdc)

Terry Wogan retains his lead as the most listened to breakfast DJ, with his BBC Radio 2 show attracting 7.6m.


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29th September, 2004. 9:28 am. From Republican News(beingjdc)


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13th September, 2004. 8:15 am. One more(beingjdc)

Janet goes for a walk in the country.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, John is not at home today. John is working overtime. Do you know what overtime is? John does.

Janet sees some blackberries. Janet likes blackberries, so does John. Janet picks the blackberries to take home. Do you like blackberries?

Janet's favourite is blackberry & apple pie. John prefers a little tart. What's your favourite?

Janet sees lots of plants and wildlife. Do you like wildlife? John does.

In the hedgerow Janet sees Hawthorn, Elderberries and Old Man's Beard. The Old Man's Beard belongs to John.

'Hello Janet' says John.

'Hello John' says Janet. 'Why are you dressed up in Tupperware, where are your trousers, and What are you doing hiding behind the bushes?'

'Hello Janet' says Anita

'Hello Janet' says Tudor

Janet fetches a big stick, see John run.

Run John, run.

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