A lover of unreason, and an exile (beingjdc) wrote in nul_points,
A lover of unreason, and an exile

One more

Janet goes for a walk in the country.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, John is not at home today. John is working overtime. Do you know what overtime is? John does.

Janet sees some blackberries. Janet likes blackberries, so does John. Janet picks the blackberries to take home. Do you like blackberries?

Janet's favourite is blackberry & apple pie. John prefers a little tart. What's your favourite?

Janet sees lots of plants and wildlife. Do you like wildlife? John does.

In the hedgerow Janet sees Hawthorn, Elderberries and Old Man's Beard. The Old Man's Beard belongs to John.

'Hello Janet' says John.

'Hello John' says Janet. 'Why are you dressed up in Tupperware, where are your trousers, and What are you doing hiding behind the bushes?'

'Hello Janet' says Anita

'Hello Janet' says Tudor

Janet fetches a big stick, see John run.

Run John, run.
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